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Fox Creates Ebola Channel

Roger Ailes, president of the Fox News Channel, announced today that they will be creating a separate channel for all Ebola-related news.

When asked why he thought it was necessary to created an entire channel devoted exclusively to the Ebola crisis, Ailes said, “We want to get out in front of this issue. This is an excellent opportunity for us to do what we do best — misinform and create hysteria where there currently is none.”

He added that, “The Ebola crisis is here, it is not going away and we have legions of experts and journalists who know absolutely nothing about the disease and are ready to share what they don’t know with the American public, in detail.”

Reporters asked Ailes who would anchor the new channel and he smiled and said, “we’ll introduce them in the coming days, however one thing you can count on, is that they won’t be swayed by facts and medical science.”

Before ending the press conference, Ailes said, “Here is a scoop for you. We have been conducting an investigation and in the coming days, we will prove without a shadow of a doubt, that President Barack Obama is personally responsible for the Ebola crisis reaching American shores. He brought it back with him when he was in Africa last summer.”

Asked to provide proof, Ailes smiled and said, “Watch the channel.”

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